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How Real User Monitoring helps?

Wattspeed RUM reveals how the visitors interact with your website in realtime.

We are using the same engine as Google Chrome does, providing you with a powerful dashboard that contains the Core Web Vitals from every location and every page, from all Chromium browsers, both mobile and desktop, all within seconds!

Our RUM monitoring tool is also the best way to discover your Core Web Vitals metrics if Google won't provide them due to the lack of data.

Adding your domain

The first thing that you will need to do, is to head into one of the RUM reports and configure one of your domains.

Filtering in Wattspeed Home report

In order to enable the realtime monitoring, you will need to install the provided code into your domain.

There are 2 ways of doing this:

  • Manually: copy the provided code into the <head> element of your website.
  • Using Google Tag Manager: add the code provided into a custom HTML tag in your Google Tag Manager account.

Our script will not affect the performance of your website.

Once you're done with the script, the RUM reports will be populated once the visitors will start accessing your website.

  • Realtime: shows how the users are experiencing your website at this moment.
  • History: the place to come if you want to see how things evolved over time.


Wattspeed RUM is available in any Pro subscription and has an on-demand pricing model:

  • you will be billed every 1000 visits, in Wattspeed credits
  • every month's first 1000 visits are free.
  • then 1000 visits = 10 Wattspeed credits