In time performance monitoring

See how we're monitoring your web page performance in time.
Wattspeed synthetically monitors your performance in time using a simulated environment by auditing your web page via Google Lighthouse.

Wattspeed video

How it works

Wattspeed makes it easy to monitor your performance over time by providing you the right tools, so you will always be one step ahead of your competitors.

How is it done?
We're using Google Lighthouse to check and monitor your performance from different locations and devices. The audit is done in realtime meaning that you will have to wait only a few seconds for the results.
Once you've decided on what you want to monitor, our in time reports will help understand what and when broke your performance. You don't need to keep an eye daily, we're going to send you an alert when things get messy.

Get started with ease

Track only the pages that you want.

Start monitoring with just one click. We've made it easy to choose what to track. Instead of crawling your whole website and ending up with a thousand of webpages that will make you loose focus, we're providing you tools to import the pages that are the most important.

  • Manually paste your pages.
  • Import from sitemap.xml. Don't worry if you have multiple sitemaps, you can also manually input your xml file.
  • Import from Google Search Console. Find your most important pages and don't waste your effort on the low priority ones.

Multiple locations

Choose the right locations for your audits.

Find the places where your performance is poor, then see what's going wrong and take act, so the experience you're providing to your visitors will be the same from around the world.

We're always improving, so if you need a specific location, contact us

Available locations:

US flag S. Carolina (US)
US flag Los Angeles (US)
Germany flag Frankfurt (DE)
Great Britain flag London (UK)
Japan flag Tokyo (JP)
Brasil flag São Paulo (BR)

Intuitive reports

Find the broken parts of your website

Performance is not just a score, it's the way users feel the loading process of your website. Using our reports, you will find out with just a few clicks the broken link on your webpages. Besides performance, we're also providing tools to analyze the size and timings of your requests and even the savings that you could make if you start optimizing.

Advanced analysis

Find the best and the worst performers with just a quick look. Our advanced KPIs will help you have a clear view of your whole domain.


See your progress in time

We're keeping your audits history. It's important to know what and when something changed, so you won't repeat the same mistakes again. You can come back to a certain audit whenever you need.

Lighthouse report

We're providing you with the full Lighthouse report.

Google Lighthouse is a Google open-source tool that helps you improve the quality and performance of your web pages. Lighthouse evaluates websites based on metrics such as page load speed, accessibility, search engine optimization, and best practices, and then generates a complete report with recommendations for improvement.

Our Lighthouse report contains:

  • Median: we're running multiple audits and create the median value of the scores.
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Performance, A11Y, Best Practices, SEO and PWA scores.