page source

Advanced page source and content audit
We're analyzing your page sources and we're providing useful information about title and description, requests map, links, headings, dom size, checks your indexability and validates your html

The page source report

Every time you're running a snapshot, we're analyzing your content and provide you with a technical seo audit.

Social previews

See how your web page looks like in SERPs and social platforms.

Title and description check

We're checking the title and meta description size, grammar and spelling issues.


As crawling and indexability issues may affect your page traffic, our indexability check tool verifies the page against some common issues. You can also sync your Google Search Console property so the page indexing status and issues will appear directly in Wattspeed.


See the used HTML tags (H1 - H6). They make your content more intelligible to search engine crawlers. The principal subject of each page should be specified with an H1 tag.

Structured data

Structured data is data that has been arranged and formatted in a precise way so that it can be easily searched and used by computer systems. It is data with a well-defined structure, with specified fields and data types that facilitate storage, retrieval, and analysis.


Internal and external, we're checking them both and you can even set up an alert that triggers when a link gets broken.

Grammar check

Find grammar and spelling issues in your page content, title and description. We're also giving you suggestions on how to fix them.

HTML validation

Checks the markup validity of a web page and can help you catch unintended mistakes you might have otherwise missed.

Request map

The map of all of the requests on the page helps you detect any anomalies when it comes to the page's total size and loading time. We're representing it via both waterfall chart and treemap chart.