core web vitals

Real user data gathered from Google Chrome users
We're providing real data based on how the users experienced your web page or whole website in the past. Luckily, using Wattspeed you won't need to wait 28 days to see the improvements!

CWV metrics in Watspeed

We have 3 ways of representing Core Web Vitals, each made to create a clear view of how you were performing over different periods of time: daily, weekly and monthly.

Daily history

Analyzing your snapshots daily will enable your core web vitals for each day. Every bar represents the value for the previous 28 days. All the CrUX metrics are available for both URL and origin, and besides that, you can correlate Google Search Console's clicks and impressions with the CWV metrics.

Weekly history

Snapshot independent, the weekly CrUX data is gather once a week and each chart item represents the week start + 28 days. The same as daily, the metrics are available for both URL and origin and the Google Search Console correlation is also available.

12 Months

Historical CrUX Data

Available for the last 12 month, it is the classical data aggregation that you're already used to. The data that we're showing is global and for the origin. You can also choose between percentiles and distributions view, and we're providing you with the device and connections distribution.

Daily Core Web Vitals

Inside our Snapshot report, you will find the daily CrUX and Core Web Vitals for both the analyzed URL and origin.