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Analyzing both real user and synthetic data, Wattspeed helps you monitor your performance in time, as well as giving you a glimpse about what you should do next.

Following these guides will help you understand how Wattspeed works as well as getting to know better how to use it in order to improve and monitor your website.


What is Wattspeed?

Wattspeed is a synthetic monitoring tool that helps you to discover‌ the‌ ‌low‌-hanging‌ ‌fruit‌ for improving your web pages. If you're a developer, marketer or merely own a website, Wattspeed can help you measure and monitor the performance of your web pages.

What can I do with Wattspeed?

Using Wattspeed you can monitor your website's performance, page source and security. You will know exactly what's going wrong with every aspect of your website before anyone else does.

What is a snapshot?

A Wattspeed snapshot is a capture of your web page that includes Lighthouse report, page source info (technologies list, HTML validation, DOM size, mixed content and more), CrUX data for the last 12 months and security audit.

Is Wattspeed FREE?

Wattspeed has a FREE version that allows you to monitor an unlimited number of web pages within a total of 10 snapshots per month. However, the free plan will lack some of the most important features.