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Page Source

Page Source in Wattspeed

The Page Source report contains 3 sections:


Overall information about your page source:

  • DOM Size: the number of nodes found on your webpage. It is recommended to have under 1500.
  • HTML elements : the number of distinct HTML elements found, an average web page uses 32 different HTML elements according to Advanced Web Ranking's HTML study.
  • Mixed Content : refers to a webpage where the initial HTML content is loaded over a secure HTTPS connection, but other resources are then loaded into the page over an insecure HTTP connection.
  • Canonical URL: a canonical link element helps you prevent duplicate content issues in SEO by specifying the "canonical" or "preferred" version of a web page.
  • Document language: the HTML lang attribute is used to identify the actual language of text content on a web page.


  • SERP and Social preview: find out how search engines and social networks display your page. SERP and Social preview in Wattspeed
  • Headings: the h1–h6 elements represent six levels of section headings, with h1 being the highest section level and h6 the lowest.
  • Links: includes internal and external links, broken links, and unique links found within your page. Links in Wattspeed You can filter by internal/external, unique or broken and search for a specific link. If you feel like you want to track in time one URL, simply use the plus button to monitor it.
  • Structured data: The standard format for providing information about the page and classifying its content. Structured Data in Wattspeed


  • Request Map: The map of all of requests on the page helps you detect any anomalies when it comes to the page's total size and loading time. Two possible views are available, the waterfall view shows timeline information, Request Map in Wattspeed while the chart view will display dimensional data based on time or size.Chart Request Map in Wattspeed
  • HTML Validation: Checks the markup validity of a web page and can help you catch unintended mistakes you might have otherwise missed. HTML Validation in Wattspeed
  • Technologies: Contains a list of frameworks, libraries and other web tools that we found while analyzing the web page, via Wappalyzer. Technologies in Wattspeed

Easily add an alert for a metric from above by simply clicking this icon. Add an alert in Wattspeed