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Discover the‌ ‌low‌-hanging‌ ‌fruit‌ of your web page before anyone else does.
Analyzing both real user and synthetic data, Wattspeed helps you monitor your performance in time as well as giving you a glimpse about what you should do next.
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How Wattspeed works

Performance history in WattspeedLighthouse & CrUX data

Lighthouse integration and real-world data from Chrome UX Report (CrUX).

  • Performance, A11Y, Best Practices, PWA and SEO scores in time
  • Custom locations Lighthouse report
  • Compare snapshots and make calls based on the score differences
  • Core Web Vitals signals monitoring for the last 12 months
  • In time performance monitoring

Page source in WattspeedPage source

Page source analysis, technologies, JSON-LD structured data, request map and links.

  • Summary with best practices and recommendations
  • SERP and Social previews
  • Technologies, JSON-LD structured data, headings, links and request map

Uptime in WattspeedUptime

1h Uptime and Response time monitoring.

  • 1 hour Uptime monitoring chart
  • Response time monitoring and alert log

Alerts in WattspeedAlerts

Monitor metric and score changes using Slack and email alerts.

  • Connect with Slack and receive Wattspeed alerts in your preferred messaging app
  • Alternatively, you can get your alert notifications right in your inbox


Wattspeed monitors, discovers and helps you fix the website's performance issues like no other.
Tracking your performance over time, you will always know what's going on.

Start monitoring like a pro with our premium features.

CI illustration

Lighthouse report

Lighthouse integration and real-world data from Chrome UX Report (CrUX) for the last 28 days.

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Import from sitemap

Get your pages into Wattspeed directly from your sitemap or import them manually.

CI illustration

Page source

Page source analysis, technologies, JSON-LD structured data, request map and links.

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Choose when to generate your snapshots. Daily, weekly, on a certain date of the month or manually.

CI illustration

Unlimited webpages

Analyze as much as you need, there is no limit for how many pages you can add.

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Public link

Easily share your snapshots with the world.

Pro only
Multiple locations illustration

Multiple locations

Monitor your webpages from up to
6 locations.
More to be added!

Pro only
More credits illustration
More credits

Get more credits for your snapshots starting from 2300 monthly credits.

Pro only
Median illustration

Median Lighthouse

We're running multiple Lighthouse audits and combine them in order to get more accurate results.

Pro only
CrUX illustration

Historical CrUX

Core Web Vitals monitoring for the last 12 months

Pro only
Compare illustration

Compare different URLs

Find why a page is slower than another. Check two pages of the same website or compare against a competitor.

Pro only
CrUX illustration

Uptime monitoring

We're monitoring your webpages at 1 hour interval, so you know when your page is down or when it's slow.

Pro only
Team illustration


Invite as many users as you want to your team. You will be able to set the permissions individually.

Pro only
Alerts illustration


Using the highly customisable alerts via email or Slack, you will know when it's bad before they do.

Pro only
CI illustration

CI & Developer API

Integrates with your favorite build system via GitHub Action, Jenkins plugin or into your own application using the Developer API.

Pro only
Issues illustration

Issues report

Discover common problems from all tracked webpages of your domain.

Pro only
Custom illustration

Custom domain

Make Wattspeed yours by using your custom domain, email and branding.


More snapshots. More locations. More reliable.


No credit card required.

10 credits

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$ 25
paid monthly
+ local taxes

1000 credits per month


Need custom number of credits?

Contact us for a special offer.

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Unlimited pages

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Lighthouse & CrUX data

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Page source analysis

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Schedule snapshots

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Import from sitemap

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Slack and email alerts



Share public link

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Realtime Core Web Vitals Monitoring (RUM) New

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Uptime monitor

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10 monthly

1000 / 2300 / 5000 / 10000 monthly

Median Lighthouse scores - Run multiple Lighthouse audits and get a more reliable median run.X mark iconCheck mark icon
Multiple locations - Monitor scores for your pages in multiple locations across the globe.

US flag S. Carolina

6 locations (S. Carolina, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, London, Tokyo, São Paulo)

Core Web Vitals monitoring for the last 12 months

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Compare different URLs

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GitHub Action, GitLab CI/CD

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Developers API

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Snapshot via URLs

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Issues report

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Custom domain

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What is Wattspeed?

Wattspeed is a synthetic monitoring tool that helps you to discover the low-hanging fruit for improving your web pages. If you're a developer, marketer or merely own a website, Wattspeed can help you measure and monitor the performance of your web pages.

What can I do with Wattspeed?

Using Wattspeed you can monitor your website's performance, page source and security, so you will know exactly what's going wrong with every aspect of your website before anyone else does.

Is Wattspeed FREE?

Wattspeed has a FREE version that allows you to monitor an unlimited number of web pages within a total of 10 snapshots per month. However, the free plan will lack some of the most important features.

What is a snapshot?

A Wattspeed snapshot is a capture of your web page that includes Lighthouse report, page source info (technologies list, HTML validation, DOM size, mixed content and more), CrUX data for the last 12 months and security audit.

Credits explained
One snapshot consumes a variable number of credits, based on its settings. Minimum snapshot requirements are 1 location & 1 device, which account to 1 credit.

Running an on demand snapshot from the United States flag United Stated for mobile will consume 1 credit.
  • Each additional location costs 1 credit per snapshot
  • Each additional device costs 1 credit per snapshot
  • Daily frequency will consume 30 credits (provides 30 snapshots / month)
  • Historical CrUX costs 30 credits for the first time update, 3 credits per month thereafter
Calculation for 3 location, 2 devices, daily frequency and historical CrUX data enabled:
(3 locations * 2 devices * 30 daily update frequency) + 30 CrUX = 210 credits per month

Advanced Web Ranking

Wattspeed is made by the same team behind Advanced Web Ranking, the world's longest-standing rank tracking tool.

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